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Title: Associate Pastor of Church Life & Community Engagement

Start Date: Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Purpose: To ensure that FCBC activities, events and programs carry out the purpose of the Senior Pastor and enable FCBC to impact its community in the way that he envisions. To direct, oversee and manage programming operations and ensure that FCBC leaders are equipped with the skills, tools, and resources to meet the needs of FCBC and the community. This position is part of the executive leadership team at FCBC.

Function: The primary function of the Associate Pastor of Church Life & Community Engagement is to implement the Senior Pastor’s vision for community impact and congregational health through the development and management of effective Live Love Serve teams. They will also expand FCBC’s Spiritual Formation program. They will also serve as liaison between FCBC and community partners, and continually seek new ways to deepen FCBC’s impact on its community. They will also fulfill pastoral duties such as preaching, teaching and pastoral care. This position reports to the Senior Pastor.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Master of Divinity degree
  • Licensed to preach, at minimum. Ordination is preferred, but not required.
  • Knowledge of FCBC theology, philosophy and history
  • 2 to 4 years of experience in ministry development
  • Proficiency in the latest version of Windows, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) Outlook, E-Mail and a willingness to learn new technology

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Perform all tasks necessary to manage an office and staff
  • Develop working reports reflecting Live Love Serve programming
  • Exhibit strong attention to detail and have the ability to prioritize deliverables
  • Manage internal and external contacts with discernment and work tactfully with confidential information
  • Train and develop lay leaders and any staff s/he supervises through formal and informal leadership development
  • Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills with staff and congregants
  • Work well under pressure and be able to independently prioritize conflicting demands
  • Demonstrate creativity and initiative in an effort to continually deepen FCBC’s impact and improve its programming

Management, Development and Support of Live Love Serve Teams (80%)

All initiatives at FCBC fall under the categories of Live, Love and Serve. “Live” initiatives include our Spiritual Formation department and other learning opportunities. “Love” programming is our fellowship initiatives, including those that target specific demographics. “Serve” programming includes all initiatives designed to care for our community in FCBC and at large. Live Love Serve Teams (hereafter called LLS Teams) are the lay leadership teams that carry out these initiatives. The Associate Pastor of Church Experience & Community Engagement is responsible for all Live Love Serve Teams except those that are assigned to other staff of the church.

  1. Spearhead FCBC’s community work, ensuring continuous and impactful engagement with the local Harlem community, New York City and beyond.
  2. Manage FCBC’s internal LLS teams which are responsible for enhancing the church experience and ensuring congregational needs are met.
  3. Work with the Diaconate Team to successfully plan the implementation of FCBC Fellowship Groups.
  4. Create an effective leadership structure for Teams and oversee their budgets, calendars and programming.
  5. Provide on-going leadership training for Team Leads so that they can achieve more both at the church and in their personal lives.
  6. Provide tools for Teams’ self-evaluation and conduct on-going evaluation, both quantitative and qualitative, of FCBC programming.
  7. Regularly meet with Team Leads to maintain a clear understanding of their needs and to ensure that they are operating in excellence.
  8. Develop new LLS Teams and community initiatives based on the needs of the community and any other areas of concern as directed by Senior Pastor.
  9. Strategize and implement ways to enhance congregational involvement in Live Love Serve programming. Manage a volunteer coalition to help staff FCBC community and internal programming.
  10. Serve as liaison between FCBC and community partners, both fielding requests for engagement by said partners and also seeking out beneficial partnerships.
  11. Creating and Managing the guest pipeline experience.

Church Ordinances & Special Services (5%)

  1. Manage and continually improve processes involved in baptism, baby dedication and communion.
  2. Work with Deacons and Ministers to implement above ordinances.

Pastoral (15%)

  1. Be present for the Sunday worship experience.
  2. Assist in preaching on Sunday mornings and where otherwise required.
  3. Assist in teaching for Tuesday Night Transformation, Spiritual Formation classes and where otherwise required.
  4. Assist with officiating weddings and home going services as required.
  5. Provide pastoral care and counseling as needed. Respond promptly and effectively to all on-call pastoral requests and emergencies including, but not limited to, hospital visitations, shut-ins, home goings, and crisis events.
  6. Perform administrative duties such as supervision of staff, planning of church wide events, management of budgets, and conflict resolution.
  7. Attend church staff meetings, church leadership meetings, retreats and other meetings as directed.

Other Duties as assigned

Salary and Benefits

  • Full-Time Salaried Position
  • Salary commensurate with experience
  • Employer-sponsored health insurance
  • Comprehensive benefits package

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to Human Resources at with subject line: “Associate Pastor of Church Life.”