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TNT takes place twice on Tuesdays:  12:00pm and  7:00pm in The Sanctuary at FCBC.

What is TNT (Tuesday Noon/Night Transformation)?

FCBC’s Tuesday Noon-Day and Night Transformation sessions (TNT) are explosive in their own right. Led by the phenomenal Pastor Mike, TNT takes on a lecture-styled, inquiry-based yet intimate approach to biblical and theological understanding that extends beyond the realm of traditional bible study.  

This is not a typical Bible Study!

Pastor Mike pushes participants spiritually and theologically as he welcomes questions head on, shares personal insights, and utilizes canonical and non-canonical books, such as The Gospel of Thomas.

Soulfully refreshing and invigorating, TNT is a weekly occasion to engage in intellectual, biblical and spiritual mental acrobatics in a warm and trusting space.  

Come with questions and be prepared to stretch your mind and Re-Think God. 

Come and inquire, internalize, and thrive at FCBC’s TNT.