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What is the Fuel the Dream contest?

The Sanctuary is a place where persons are inspired to Imagine, Create, and Transform. Since its inception in 2012 we have been a hub for quality productions both internally by way of original work and externally through rentals and partnerships. But our desire was to create a larger platform for the presentation of original work. Fuel the Dream is that platform. This contest will give artists the chance to submit original work for the opportunity to bring it to life on stage! This is a unique occasion to present your work in a transformative space with a supported infrastructure and budget.

This sounds like a great opportunity! Who can submit?

Fuel the Dream is open to both members of FCBC and artists in the Harlem community. You must be at least 18 years of age to submit your work.

Are there parameters for what I can submit?


  1. Themes and Ideas: Ideally, the undergirding ethos of your piece would encompass the spirit and nomenclature of FCBC. That means that your work would have connection to either our purpose statement or yearly theme. This does not mean it has to be a “Christian” or “Gospel” production per se, just in line with the themes, ideas, and purpose of FCBC. If you are not aware of what these are, you can visit
  2. What kind of work are we looking for? Work and/or projects can include theatrical productions, music productions, dance productions, visual art or combinations of all these. Use of multi-media integration is possible, but we are looking for live productions. Film screenings are also possible.
  3. Production History: It mustn’t be a new work. But if it isn’t, we ask that it be remastered to fit FCBC.  This means the language and adult content may need to be curtailed. Previous staged readings are okay.
  4. Language: Please ensure that the language is appropriate.
  5. Length: You can submit anything that is 10-60 minutes in length. We must have the work in its entirety upon submission.

Great! How do I submit my work?

You can submit by clicking here: ( ) Fill out all of the pertinent info and attach your work as a PDF or link. This is the only way to submit. Any other submissions will not be accepted.

How do I know if I have been selected?

Those selected will be notified via email or personal call.

If I am chosen as a Fuel the Dream Winner what will I receive?

If chosen, your production will be presented as part of Black History Month or Visionaries and Dreamers Weekend depending on when you submit. We know that a lot goes into putting on a production. Here is what The Sanctuary will provide to ensure your production is a complete success:

  • A Sanctuary point person to interface with from inception to execution.
  • Internal marketing of the event per FCBC protocol.
  • Internal graphic design and flyer creation (should you need it).
  • At least three tech rehearsals in the space. How much time allotted is determined by the number of contest winners.
  • Sound and lighting needs inclusive of AV and sound personnel.
  • Playbill with information regarding your production.
  • Front of house staffing for the evening of the event (ushers and security).
  • Rehearsal space at FCBC or The Dream Center (limited and dependent on availability).
  • A stipend/budget for additional needs related to the production.
  • Director and/or Rehearsal Coordinator (if applicable).
  • Basic Rentals.

Ok. Is there anything that is not included should I win?

Great question. The Fuel the Dream contest is meant to be a jumpstart to fueling your dream. That means that we provide the basics. Anything over and above would be your responsibility to fund or get support for. This could include, but is not limited to:

  • Additional personnel and support;
  • Additional external marketing;
  • Rehearsals for your production in outside spaces;
  • Rentals (depending on your budget);
  • Union dues for actors or technical personnel

Additionally, we will not supply the actors/performers for your production. We can work with you to gain access to actors we use regularly, but the responsibility will be on you to find all actors and performers. We can also hold auditions with advance notice.

For general inquiries, please email


  1. June 10th : Fuel the Dream Informational
  2. July 1st: Submissions Due
  3. July 5th: Winners Announced
  4. July 11th: Informational for winners
  5. July: Planning/Auditions for actors
  6. July 27th: Budget Due
  7. August: Scripts/Table Reading/Planning
  8. Mid-August: Marketing for Production Due
  9. September: Rehearsals in the space
  10. Sept. 21st : Friday of Visionaries and Dreamers Weekend: Fuel the Dream