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Digital Media Coordinator

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Title:Digital Media Coordinator
Reports To:Communications and Media Director - John Lesley Morton
Purpose:To develop the organization’s digital strategy and development relating to website development and maintenance, webinar platforms, mobile application and overall digital footprint. To assist the Media Director with all functions as it relates to organization-wide duties, video editing and administrative tasks associated.
Function:Your role will collaborate with our ministry “customers” to understand and implement solutions. Responsible for engineering, developing, and supporting digital products including websites, mobile apps, and promotional campaigns. Collaborate with Media Director to create engaging videos and support administratively.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or 2+ years of experience in marketing/advertising, computer science, UX and UI designing, video editing or equivalent related fields
  • Experience developing and coding web frameworks, testing sites, and mobile applications.
  • Strong knowledge in video editing using Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro, and After Effects
  • Strong knowledge of object-oriented programming concepts
  • Naturally organized and methodical with strong attention to detail
  • Comfortable participating in collaborative discussions
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Familiarity with basic Agile principles method related to software design.

Job Duties Percentages

  • 40% - Digital Development and Maintenance
    • Take an active lead in enhancing all digital platforms including: website development and maintenance, mobile app enhancements and webinar platform. (duties listed below)
  • 40% - Digital Marketing and Advertisement
    • Drive all marketing efforts through specific digital and social media channels, developing digital footprint and executing campaigns for a growing online audience
  • 20% - Video Editing | Creative | Administrative Support
    • Provide support with creative tasks such as: video editing, and social media management while assisting with high-level administrative tasks

Digital Development and Maintenance (40%)

  1. Spearhead FCBC’s digital development of new website platform or major enhancements to current website application with Tipping Media
  2. Pull monthly analytical reports from rating and review sites, native website, and livestream channels.
  3. Must have knowledge in UX and UI design. Including the use of Type form, WordPress, and other website platforms
  4. Oversee the curation of the digital church community with special focus on ways individuals can be a part of the space beyond our 4 walls
  5. Implement webinar-based sites that will allow for remote classes and workshops using applications such as: Zoom Communications, Teachable, and other related platforms. Able to test and implement systems for launching and troubleshooting
  6. Ability to control timely updates and recurring maintenance such as calendar updates and events to all website platforms, while building organized strategies for regular updates
  7. Develop and oversee curation of new mobile application for the entire FCBC community and build a sustainable campaign to launch without issues
  8. Train and work closely with volunteers to delegate website tasks and updates
  9. Build relationship with other staff personnel for website needs in other FCBC departments
  10. Oversee email infrastructure merger to a more reliable platform such as Gmail or others

Digital Marketing and Advertisements (40%)

  1. Work closely with Communications + Media Director to build overall marketing and advertisement strategy with the ability to also execute with creating powerful content
  2. Develop and implement strong social media strategy with the ability to measure impact and effectiveness of campaigns
  3. Develop strong YouTube campaigns and strategy for increased growth
  4. Develop system for E-Mail marketing campaigns using systems such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc. Must have the ability to effectively train volunteers on this system
  5. Build awareness of social media accounts connected to FCBC and the Senior Pastor continuing engagement with those who interact with those accounts
  6. Develop measurable strategies to meet our digital presence objectives with the potential to lead other social media team members 

Video Editing | Creative | Administrative Support (20%)

  1. Provide creative support in video editing using programs such as Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro, After Effects to produce content for weekend events, and FCBC related productions
  2. Create and maintain dynamic sizzles, reels, case studies, and marketing materials with ability to stay abreast of current trends, editing techniques, and styles as well as content platforms
  3. Must have knowledge or equivalent experience in creating graphics using a vast array of software such as: Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
  4. Provide strong administrative support with coordinating volunteer groups, staff personnel, and interns
  5. Innate ability to work with other staff members of FCBC to collaborate and assist with tasks pertaining to website maintained and organization wide events
  6. All Other Duties as assigned

Tools, Skills and Abilities:

  • Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, and Outlook are a must)
  • Keynote and PowerPoint
  • Google Drive and other G-Suite products
  • MailChimp or other E-Newsletter systems
  • Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and Affect Effects
  • UX and UI Design software products
  • Strong working knowledge in coding programs
  • Possess personal integrity and self-motivation in the fulfillment of team responsibilities
  • High level of customer service and communication skills
  • High level understanding of Facebook and other social media platforms – design, functionality, users, etc.
  • Experience with content strategies; very high attention to detail
  • Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks while under pressure is essential
  • Ability to express your ideas fluidly while taking creative and constructive criticism
  • Familiarity with FCBC and its partnering organizations.


  • 40 hours a week, with the flexibility to create your own schedule.
  • Must be open and willing to work weekdays and weekends, with special attention to Sundays (7AM-3PM).

Submit your resume and cover letter by emailing: using the subject line:

Digital Media Coordinator

Other Inquiries and Notes:

You must be located in the New York City area - our primary campus is located in New York, NY 

This position has high expectations. If you are the type who gets motivated by high expectations; you’re the person we’re looking for!