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21-Day Digital Fast

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A digital fast is a abstaining from all kinds of digital technology, for a set period of time for the purpose of mental and spiritual detoxification. Digital technology includes but are not limited to use of the internet, television, movies, computers, music players, video games, social media(s), and etc..


This Digital Detox Fast's sole purpose is disconnect with distractions & reconnect with ourselves. It's important that we engage in reimagining our forms of communication with God, ourselves and others. This fast is about knowing God, listening to God’s voice and reflecting our humanness as we engage others.


On average we're spending 35.2 billion hours on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube each year! Although social media can be a wonderful tool to connect with others, if we are paying more attention to our favorite TV shows, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat than we are engaging in communion with God, ourselves and others, it can become problematic. Digital messages are informing our brains, hearts, and lives, and we are becoming shaped by our digital experience. 

THE FAST - January 2nd-23rd, 2019 | 7PM - 7AM

1. Prayer: Twice daily at 7AM and 7PM 

2. Corporate Prayer: 7AM (Monday - Friday)

Phone: 1-712-775-8912 Code: 887162

3. Online: 

4. At FCBC: Tuesdays at 6:45PM, Sundays at 7AM


During this season we invite you to turn off all media (computers, televisions, tablets, phones, games, etc.) each day from 7PM - 7AM! 

Some guidelines for your digital fast are: 

1. No phone usage; texting or chatting

2. No games or other apps on the phone 

3. No television or movies

4. Computer is allowed for school or work purposes only as absolutely necessary

5. No internet usage, unless absolutely required for school or work purposes

6. No streaming

7. No social media whatsoever

8. Email only as absolutely necessary 

Click Here! Download the Digital Fast Info Sheet