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Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation consists of the courses, panels, forums, and other learning opportunities that are offered at FCBC. These learning opportunities allow participants to engage in the Bible, discipleship, current events, and more. The variety of courses and events offer participants endless opportunities to reimagine their own walks with God as well as their roles as disciples of Jesus. Spiritual Formation helps participants in clarifying and defining their walks as followers of Jesus through literature, spirited conversations, and engaging instruction. Life-long learners, avid readers, newbies, and those steadfast on their journey toward discipleship benefit greatly from the readings and riveting discussions that occur during Spiritual Formation learning opportunities.

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Spiritual Formation helps participants develop spiritually.  The courses’ objectives, topics, discussions, and texts are designed to reinforce FCBC’s purpose and vision.  Each class offers dynamic learning opportunities that empower participants to rethink God, rethink themselves, rethink their relationships with God, and rethink how they engage others.  The panels, forums, and other learning opportunities provide participants the spaces to engage more deeply in meaningful topics that impact society.  Spiritual Formation is designed to push the community toward the embodiment of what it truly means to be called to live, commanded to love, and commissioned to serve.

There is never a dull moment in Spiritual Formation courses and events, and these learning opportunities have dramatically changed the lives of participants.  Spiritual Formation courses, which are led by an FCBC leader, equip participants with the tools needed to navigate their walks as disciples of Jesus.  Courses are structured around a book, biblical character, current event, or topic that piques the interest of participants.  The panels and other events create a space for community leaders, activists, professors, and others to engage in meaningful conversations that often lead to personal transformation. Spiritual Formation is transforming lives! Register for a Spiritual Formation course or event today!

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